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iShipping Europe Copenhagen

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Given the speed of change in the maritime market, it's no longer enough to look just one year, or even five years, ahead. There is a fundamental shift taking place, with shipping now facing its fourth wave, and those companies that want to maintain competitive advantage must find ways to adapt in order to compete. And in times of turbulent change, strategy matters.

Demands for increase in efficiency, safety and sustainability can be only achieved through innovation. But what does innovation really mean, and how should the shipping industry truly look to the future? What can maritime learn and harness by "creative swiping" (a management term coined by Tom Peters) from other sectors, and from new entrants to the market.

Across two days and four clearly defined sessions, these issues will be addressed at Digital Ship's iShipping Forum in Copenhagen – where we will delve into the complexities and outlook of maritime's digital future.


iShipping Europe Copenhagen
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