Safety Boat Services


Safety Boat Services
Brake Hill Farm
Main Dereham Road
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United Kingdom



Phone: +44 (0)7539 734927

With the U.K.'s ever growing need for coastal protection and environmental works a Norfolk based marine company has used their 25 years of experience to provide its clients 'job specific' marine plant. Safety Boat Services ever growing fleet boasts a range of vessels and marine plant currently serving the U.K. and Europe on a variety of projects.

Their versatile fleet offers a range of landing crafts capable of landing on rocks that assist in both on and offshore operations. Uniquely Safety Boat Services have designed and customised amphibious vehicles that are easily deployed from the vessels onto beaches, estuaries and wetlands.

Being able to deploy at any state of tide has increased productivity on tidal projects and has been a valuable commodity on-site where heavy plant are unable to access. Currently operating in the Bristol channel at the new Hinkley Point C site, these amphibious Argo-cats are customised to provide irrigation/pumping works, rescue ambulance, firefighting and oil spill response.




Safety boat services, marine construction support, safety workboat hire, amphibious vehicle hire, drainage & irrigation survey vessels, marine plant hire, flood defence, oil spill response, pumping, irrigation & environmental works, invasive species & weed eradication, guard & survey vessels, river works, estuary works, bank erosion, dive support.


Services provided: Safety Boats, Survey Vessels, Marine Construction, Marine Plant Hire, Oil Pollution Control, Pumping Services, Safety Equipment and Diving Support