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AMI Marine giving back at Christmas with Cash for Kids

Monday, 10th December 2018

AMI Marine have partnered up with 'Cash for Kids' this year to give back to underprivileged children living in Hampshire.

Who are Cash for kids?
Cash for Kids responds to the needs of children in our communities, so they can live life to the full and realise their individual potential.

Based across 22 areas in the UK and advertised across radio stations. Cash for Kids support children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.

What have we been up to?
7 team members from AMI have volunteered at the warehouse. They worked alongside the charity organisers sorting and preparing the gifts that had come in. We sent them in 2 teams. Team 1 prepared and sorted gifts for 190 children! Our next team (who went when the warehouse had started getting busier) prepared and sorted gifts for 451 children!

Our new apprentice Sam, who joined team 2 said "It was a fantastic afternoon. I'm so happy that I was able to get involved and help the kids."
And there's more...

In addition to volunteering we also decided to not do a 'Secret Santa' this year. Instead decided to donate to 'Cash for Kids'. We were able to buy 10 backpacks and fill them with goodies.

Our Sales Support Manager Lauren said "When we volunteered it became apparent that there was a shortfall of gifts for teenage boys. We were also told that some children who move between homes do not always have suitable bags to carry their possessions in."

Following from Lauren's observations we decided to do our part to help these kids. We put together 10 backpacks filled with both a selection of daily necessities and some other little gifts to keep them occupied.

Company Director Martin Davidson said "We love getting involved in great local causes. As a father myself I understand the joy at Christmas and want every child to have that!"

Our Operations Manager Cheryl added "We had the best time. It was great fun and fulfilling. I also felt very emotional at how important these gifts are and the fantastic work being done."

A huge THANK YOU to Cash for Kids for the amazing work you do and for letting us join you.
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