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A.S.A.P Supplies continue to add new brands

Friday, 9th February 2018

A.S.A.P Supplies continue to add new brands to their ever-growing range of marine parts and spares. They are pleased to offer 'General Ecology' - World leaders in water purification, to their customers.

General Ecology's range of marine drinking water purifiers are available from A.S.A.P, as well as replacement purifier filter elements and pre-filter systems.


The award winning water purifiers combine General Ecology's advanced "Structured Matrix" technology with the strength and endurance of modern materials to provide great tasting, safe water on demand. These filters excel at filtering out chemicals and aesthetic contaminants, including: herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, foul tastes, odours and colours. They dramatically reduce plastic waste and the need to buy and store bottled water. This concept is not available from any other product and protects against modern environmental and ecological water borne problems.


The success of "Structured Matrix" purification technology is continually proven by laboratory tests unmatched by competition with over 27 years of customer satisfaction. A.S.A.P and General Ecology, Inc. continue to ensure that their customers receive the many benefits of refreshingly pure, safe and great tasting water.


  • Dramatically reduces plastic waste and the need to buy and store bottled water
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Effective & dependable
  • Independently certified to meet EPA standards


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