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CDMS SSE Ltd are currently heavily involved in ROV Technology

Monday, 5th February 2018

CDMS SSE Ltd are currently heavily involved in ROV Technology based on frequent client requests for this specialist service. CDMS SSE Ltd and one of the worlds leading ROV manufacturers have teamed up together in a concentrated research and development phase to produce a versatile new breed of ROV system.


At this point in time there are two versions of this new ROV in operation. The first being a small light and compact machine with a depth/distance capability of 100m, primarily for culvert and confined space applications. The larger model is more suited to tidal conditions and stronger flows, making it an ideal solution for wind farm inspection projects and bed profile surveys, UXO, wreck location etc. Both types of ROV systems are manually deployable and recoverable having the ability to use limited deck space eliminating the need for LARS (Launch and recovery system). Each unit has the latest computer technology, with a heads up display showing direction, trim, auto depth and auto heading. These ROV's are equipped with onboard LED lighting and scanning sonar for zero visibility applications.


There is a third larger version currently on the drawing board along with an exciting opportunity for the location of a highly classified WWII gold bullion cache currently being negotiated, making this the most exciting project yet from one of a series of recent overseas enquiries.


This research period concluded with a considerable financial investment commitment. It is now evident at the start of 2018 is showing consistent developed involvement of this service with numerous projects for this equipment already filling up the order book. This has further confirmed it has been a valuable investment with extensive potential to further developing CDMS SSE Ltd services and future investment opportunities to it's increasing clients portfolio.


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