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Florida based Rockledge Marine Services becomes the US agent for Walker Marine Design

Tuesday, 11th December 2018

Walker Marine Design (WMD) has today announced that Rockledge Marine Services have been signed as their agent across America. The news comes after the Florida based company and WMD have been working closely together for over a year. 

Jim Cutts the engineering and business development director for Rockledge Marine Services said: “We have comprehensive experience in the marine engineering and manufacturing industry and are extremely excited to be officially working with WMD”

The wind farm sector in the US is due to significantly expand over the next few years and with both companies experience in this market, this partnership has come at a perfect time. 

The business development director of WMD, Nikki Walker, said: “The wind farm sector is a fast-establishing market in America, so having a representative like Rockledge is a big advantage for us.”

WMD have already had two boats built in Asia, with a third currently under construction in the region. The American market has become the next business step for the company.

She continued, “We feel our designs, already well-proven within Europe will be ideal for the US market andas such we have been speaking with Jim for over a year about this partnership and it’s great to have him on board with the WMD team.”

WMD have also confirmed that Rockledge will be representing them at the International Work Boat Show starting on the 28 November 2018 in New Orleans. 
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