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For Sale The Buoyancy Tank Assemblies

Wednesday, 1st November 2017

Akastor is a Norway based oil services investment company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is the result of the demerger of Aker Solutions in 2014. Akastor has a portfolio of industrial holdings, real estate and other investments. The company "BTA Technology AS" is wholly owned by Akastor and Akastor wishes to find a new owner for the company, alternatively the assets of the company. The assets consist of;


  • Patented technology for installation and removal of offshore jacket structures
  • NO 318859 / GB 2402422 ("BTA")
  • NO 326901 / GB 2462565 ("BTA re-use")
  • Wordmark «BTA» in Norway (reg. no. 258853)
  • Documented and DnV certified method for removal of jackets
  • Comprehensive systems & operations description
  • Ownership to four Buoyancy Tank Assemblies

The BTAs were used in the removal of the Frigg DP2 Jacket in the North Sea. The BTAs were designed and fabricated from 2005 to 2007 and the actual removal was executed successfully in 2008. The 4 BTAs have since been stored at Stord, Norway.


Some key figures for the BTAs are;

  • Total length of assembly 65 meter
  • Maximum with of assembly 13,7 meter
  • OD of each tank 6,6 meter
  • Length of each tank 53 meter
  • Maximum draft during installation 59 meter
  • Dry weight of assembly 1025 MT
  • Net lifting per assembly 2250 MT
  • The system consists of four identical assemblies
  • The utilities for ballasting and control are not included

Akastor have engaged Mship of Norway as a broker to execute the sales of the BTAs. Please direct your interest to;


A film showing the use of the BTAs can be found;


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