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Full Range of Marine Sewage, Waste Water and Booster Pumps now available from LeeSan

Monday, 7th January 2019

Working with Pump Technology Ltd., their parent company, LeeSan, the leading specialist in sanitation systems for Marine, Leisure and Welfare applications, are now able to offer a comprehensive range of pumps and pumping systems for a wide variety of marine applications.
The growth of “floating” offices, restaurants, houses and other building means that pumping systems for sewage and waste water are often essential to enable the buildings to pump waste to the main sewer.

Sometimes boatyards and marine premises, which are generally at quite low (water level) locations also need to pump grey or black water uphill, again to the main sewer. This may include cafes, restaurants, toilet blocks, laundries, washing facilities etc.

Additionally, marina installations may require Pressure Booster systems to ensure that potable water is available at the end of long pontoon runs.

These and a variety of other pumping problems can now be solved by LeeSan using the products (and sometimes additional expertise) of their parent company Pump Technology Ltd.

The combination of Pump Technology’s expertise and massive stocks, together with LeeSan’s years of experience planning and installing Pump Out systems in boatyards and marinas throughout the UK and worldwide, now provides a service which is hard to beat.

Everything from basic “standard” pumps to fully customised “bespoke” systems with integrated control panels and backup functions is available.

Karl Sutclffe, Operations Director, comments:
This now means that we are in a position to handle just about any pumping problem we come across. Not only that, but we can be certain that we have the group experience behind us to enable us to offer the best solution at really competitive prices”
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