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Introducing Superyacht TV, the first television station dedicated to superyachts

Thursday, 20th September 2018

Finally, the first luxury television station dedicated to superyachts and life on board has arrived, Superyacht TV.

Based out of Monaco, the glamourous Mediterranean principality with yachting in its DNA, Superyacht TV broadcasts premium quality programming centered on six categories - yachts, destinations, life on board, events, tenders and toys, and the creators - to showcase the industry and the yachting lifestyle to a global audience of 30,000,000.

The founders:

Superyacht TV was founded by film and television producer Christian Moore, son of actor Roger Moore, Patrick Coote, an established yachting industry professional, and Space Systems International (SSI)-Monaco, an integrated telecommunications provider specialized in satellite telecommunications. It is the first television channel for SSI-Monaco.

How can you watch it?

The channel is broadcast 24/7 and is free-to-view online at, on mobile devices via the Superyacht TV app, or through your IP or satellite provider. The current satellite reach is 30,000,000 households, a figure that is growing every day.
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