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iXblue Shipyard, welcome to a new era of expertise, where technology meets marine reality.

Thursday, 1st June 2017

For thirty years, iXblue has pioneered inertial navigation, subsea acoustics, geophysics and shipbuilding. iXblue technology is at work everywhere, from the ocean depths – 11,000 meters under the sea – to outer space – some 1.5 million kilometers above the Earth.


It is also at work in the shipbuilding industry. Over the years our shipyard has produced a number of reliable and affordable boats, currently in service around the world. The range now covers pilot boats, workboats, as well as survey vessels of various sizes. And to complete the family, we are proud to announce the launching of our new program of daughter boats for wind farms, a growing and demanding new market which we are tackling as yet a new opportunity for innovation.


iXblue's shipbuilding success relies on the choice of composite construction methods, its leading position in vacuum infusion and the molding process used. In turn our customers benefit from the short construction cycle and the reduced maintenance requirement throughout the life of a composite vessel. As a matter of fact, GRP does not corrode nor rust, thus generating fewer running costs.
It also relies on iXblue's corporate vision: making technology accessible and adapting it to individual customer needs. We might be pushing the limit of technology, but we also have a deep knowledge of marine reality. With our customers, we ask, we assess, we pour in our technological breakthrough if relevant and we deliver. We provide our client the ship they ask for, with the possibility to fit it with the epitome of equipment developed in-house in the fields of energy and offshore constructions, geosciences, fishing and commercial shipping. (see all our product range on

iXblue is currently achieving annual growth of 15-20%, with 80% of its business conducted in over 35 countries worldwide and a portfolio in excess of 1,000 customers. The group can count on full value-chain expertise: all of its systems are developed internally, from design to manufacturing. Among our 650 employees around the world, we count a number of sailors who put their experience on the line when it comes to developing new product ranges.

From workboats to positioning systems, we will be happy to introduce you to a new era of expertise, where technology meets marine reality, from the shore to the high seas.


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