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Modular Cubes and Monthly Deals

Wednesday, 6th February 2019

Another great offer from Wardle Marine Services! Last month they gave customers 10% off a 5m x 3m Flexiport, and throughout March they are offering 10% off pontoon cubes, up to 50 cubes. Retail customers only, images used are not 100% accurate to offer. Modular cube systems have been consistently popular with WMS over the years and are regularly being hired or purchased for a variety of uses, including for sailing clubs, marina walkways, commercial use stands and as barriers sectioning off a part of coastline.

The modular cube systems are so easy to install. With each cube weighing only 7kg, it is a quick and simple system to build, manoeuvre and install. The cubes are made from robust HDPE and when complete as a system, they are flexible enough for rougher waters, even having been used as launch platforms just before the breaks for surfers. The cubes can carry a weight of 250kg per square meter, per layer, making them an ideal choice for use with heavier machinery that may be needed on the water.

Cubes can be double layered for extra buoyancy, and set up in any way that suits your needs. The systems can easily be modified should your needs change in the future, while they also connect to both Rotodock and all the drive on dock systems that WMS offers, should you already have one of these in place. If you need a pontoon, now’s the time to place your order! Order available from March 1st 2019 until March 31st 2019.
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