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New, Safe, Corrosion-free, Below-the-water fittings from LeeSan

Tuesday, 13th November 2018

It really can be a matter of life or death to understand the dangers of some inferior, below-water level fixtures. Any hole in a vessel’s hull is a potential weak point so using the right fitting is absolutely essential.

Lee Sanitation Ltd., who became a major distributor for Tru Design glass fibre nylon composite fittings in 2011, announce the launch of the newest range of these revolutionary fit-and-forget products, which include skin fittings that have been designed for much thicker hulls. 

Due to their construction from precision moulded, glass-reinforced, nylon composite, Tru Design thru hulls skin fittings are immensely strong. They offer the same level of strength, but at a much lighter weight compared to the ferrous alternatives available. They also eliminate all corrosion and bonding problems associated with electrolysis. 

The material is also unaffected by petrol, diesel, and chemicals associated with antifouling paints including copper coat. It is UV resistant and will not discolour with the sun’s rays. All fittings are able to withstand an operating temperature of minus 20° C to 100° C and, like many other fittings from the Tru Design range, conform to ISO 9093-2, ABYC H27, Bureau Veritas. They are suitable for all types of hull including aluminium, wood, steel, composite and GRP.

Tru Design of New Zealand manufacturers many different ball valves, skin fittings and other associated components. Warwickshire based LeeSan hold the largest range of Tru Design product in the UK. 

The longer Tru Design skin fittings and Seacock kits will be available to purchase in December as part of the comprehensive existing LeeSan seacock kit range. 
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