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Northern Diver expands commercial and offshore range

Thursday, 4th January 2018

Lancashire-based Northern Diver, known for its range of specialist drysuits and diving equipment, has added several new lines to its range of products for commercial diving and offshore industries, including SOLAS approved equipment.

The firm already manufactures and supplies commercial diving equipment such as hot water suits for saturation diving in extreme cold and diver recovery harnesses.


Northern Diver has now added launch and recovery systems, recompression chambers, air distribution panels, communications systems, underwater tools and compressors to its range.


Similar expansion is being seen in the company's other business sectors, namely sport, rescue and military.


Nimrod, an underwater sonar and navigation system, has recently been launched by the firm. Suited to both military and commercial marine use, it can be used for mission planning, diver navigation between waypoints, detection and surveying.


The company has designed and brought out a SOLAS approved transit suit and lifejacket, which are used for personal protection when travelling to offshore windfarms.


Northern Diver boasts the ability to customise equipment and manufacture bespoke items to specification. Those interested are encouraged to contact the company to discuss requirements.


A website is dedicated to each of Northern Diver's business sectors. These are listed below:


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