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Padstow Boatyard adding another vessel to the UK Fishing Fleet

Thursday, 1st November 2018

Following on from their last successful fishing boat build, Padstow Boatyard have announced the start of their next boat building project. This time it’s a heavy displacement 12 metre PB40 commercial fishing vessel for a customer based in the North West of England.  

Designed by renowned naval architect Gary Mitchell in conjunction with Pelagic Design in Falmouth, the build will take around twelve months to complete to full sail-away stage at which point it will go through sea trials ready for deployment within the UK commercial fishing fleet. Constructed using a custom-built mould and the latest GRP boat building techniques this vessel will be at the forefront of fishing boat design and build.

Over the last few months the company have been going through a period of sustained growth. As well as taking on a new Business Manager and ramping up recruitment for boat building and laminating staff, the company have been busy building, repairing and re-fitting UK commercial vessels as well as manufacturing composite components and hulls for other suppliers throughout the UK and overseas.

Padstow Boatyard Director Will Claxton said, “We have been really pleased with the progress of the company over the last 12 months and can only see the business going from strength to strength given the demand for our services and our increased capabilities”.

In addition to this growth, they have developed a range of new designs for 10m, 12m and 15m vessels for UK and overseas fishermen in an effort to satisfy the demand for larger and deeper fishing vessels. With the need for greater stability in rough seas, higher capacity to store catch and more fuel-efficient design, these features enable fishing for weeks at a time and satisfy our fishing fleet’s changing requirements going forward. 

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