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Monday, 1st October 2018

Maktec are seen as experts with all types of engines not just MaK, this was proved in September once again when they were asked to travel at short notice to a super yacht and advise on fitting a micro turbine in a confined engine room. Though this is not their normal type of project, they rose to the challenge and proved their flexibility and response has no limits.

This goes to show why they are seen as the most diverse engine company in the world and their expert knowledge and experience is rapidly becoming second to none and better than most.

Maktec’s engineers travel the globe, supervising and managing most types of projects such as salvage of damaged equipment to investigating plant failure or reliability concerns.

They arrive, inspect and get on with the job, it’s what they do and that’s what makes a difference.

Maktec's diversity is hard won and comes from years of front-line reactive experience solving problems. Their customers trust them not just to find a root cause but also a solution which works.

Maktec thrives on challenge and look forward to showing you what they mean.
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