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Wardle Marine Services are delighted to announce the arrival of a new product in their stock, Industrial Safety Barriers

Friday, 14th December 2018

The barriers are made from polyethylene which is durable and UV resistant. They can be used for setting your own limits in large bodies of water, such as securing marinas and providing low to medium security out at sea or in lakes. Each module of the barrier is joined together with galvanized axles and joined to the next module with galvanized chains and clamps. They have a compressed foam filling, making them extremely buoyant. The colours they are produced in (yellow, orange, red  and white) are highly visible and perfect for the open oceans, areas with high waves, output channels with strong currents, and dams, to name a few. 

Because the barrier is created from a number of modules, should it be damaged, it is easily fixed without having to interrupt the barrier’s service and without having to replace the entire unit. The system is anchored to the sea floor keeping it in place, and due to it’s unique design, the barrier can be created in a configuration specific to the area it is needed in. Each module’s dimensions are as follows: width – 95cm, Length – 190cm, Height – 95cm.

This exciting addition to Wardle Marine’s stock is ready to be ordered immediately. Please call the team to discuss your requirements. Their new website is now online too, with further details. The team look forward to speaking to you.
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