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Wardle Marine Services have increased their stocks to include more commercial items

Tuesday, 27th November 2018

As sole UK distributor for PMS, Wardle Marine Services have increased their stocks to include more commercial items, some beach fun items, and of course many of the same items we have been selling successfully for nearly a year. 

One of our items that has risen to become a high demand product due to it’s robust and versatile build, is the Rotodock. The range of four different sized monobloc platforms are fully modular and can be attached to a variety of accessories such as gangways, railings, jetports and even the cube systems. The Rotodocks are made from low density polyethylene and are the perfect platform for projects on various bodies of water, although shine in their stability on calmer waters. The sections of docks are attached to each other using couplers which allow each section to move fairly independently, without compromising the stability of the whole structure. The platforms can be attached to piles, anchoring systems and the accessories mentioned above, using the half coupler. Assembly of these platforms is surprisingly easy and can be done by either our team, or yourself. Rotodocks have been used around the world for private lakes, public swimming pools, sunbathing areas, event spaces, weddings and walkways, to name a few. It has a safe non-slip surface, comes in a neutral beige colour and with a low freeboard, allows ease of access to most boats and PWC’s. It is easy to clean with just soapy water and being polyethylene, they carry less risk of rust, splinters and natural build up.

We are proud to be the distributors of such an innovative, durable and versatile product. If you wish to become a regional retailer of the PMS product range for Wardle Marine Services, please give us a call to discuss the details on 01420 86229.
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