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Marine Cranes

Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors Ltd

Herbosch-Kiere is a subsidiary of Eiffage France – one of the largest civil, building and facilities management contractors in Europe.  Herbosch Kiere N.V. was formed in 1975 by the merger of the firms Eugene HERBOSCH (hydraulic engineering department) and KIERE (a maritime demolition company). Since then, by means of a dynamic company policy of innovation, conceptualisation and investment, we have succeeded in becoming a leading company within the following sectors:

  • Marine Construction - quays, berths, linkspans/roro, jetties and piers, piling, rock placing, environmental and renovations, monopole installations, dolphins, dredging and bridges
  • Marine Demolition – quays, berths, jetties and piers, bridges, lock gates, pontoons,
  • Marine Renewables – tidal energy, cable installations/repairs, transportation and diving spreads, met mast installations
  • Marine Heavy Lifting – heavy lock gates, pontoons, bridges, ro-ro’s, loading arm installations
  • Marine Salvage and Wreck Removal – failed structures, sunken vessels, lost equipment, marine accident investigation surveys and recoveries
  • Coastal Protection and Flood Works – Rock dumping, dredging, breakwaters and rock groynes, embankment and bund works
We work exclusively in the field of marine engineering, utilising wherever possible, our own floating plant and equipment. (see website for details and tech specs). We own and operate a shipyard in Antwerp where our vessels are maintained and berthed when not in use. The yard is staffed by fully qualified technicians and is overseen by our Technical Department.   As a result of owning and operating this specialised plant, we understand the capabilities of the equipment better than anyone else, enabling us to offer a cost effective, safe and environmentally sound solution to the most challenging of projects.

We continue to invest in marine plant to supplement our existing substantial fleet of lifting and floating equipment which will ensure we have the means as well as the expertise to carry out specialist work.

All UK contracts are managed from our Chiswick office, where we maintain a resident core of office staff which oversea the administrative aspect of all our contracts - i.e. SHEQ, site operations backup, secretarial, accounts etc. Our Parent Company in Antwerp accommodates engineering, technical, administrative and offshore teams and they also guarantee their full support in terms of supply of appropriate equipment, specialist design, additional personnel, engineering capabilities and financial support.

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