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Heyn Engineering Ltd

Research Vessel Chartering. The RV Corystes is owned by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and managed by Heyn Engineering. It has a year round capability and provides a platform from which a wide range of fisheries and marine environmental research is undertaken. Heyn Engineering are experts in traditional marine engineering...

Durham Lifting Ltd

Durham Lifting has established itself as the leading independent testing and lifting expert within its field. The firms impressive test bed located in Teesside is the largest of its kind in the UK and holds third party approval to undertake tensile and compressive testing up to the capacity of 2,000 tonnes. Durham Lifting offer in-house load...

Scotia Handling Services

LOLER Inspection. Bollard Testing. Load Testing. Lifting Equipment. Rigging, NDT, Height Safety Equipment.

T Nielsen & Co


R & G Marine & Industrial Services Limited


Rockwool A/S


Vandor Industry

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