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Corrosion Protection

Kluber Lubrication UK Ltd

Conditions at sea can be tough: cold, heat, wind and waves, salt water and high mechanical loads incessantly impact moving parts on board ships. Under these circumstances, standard lubricants quickly come up against their limits. Failure of a crane, a winch or a drive motor entails high costs by causing delays and requiring expensive repair.

Furthermore, as a shipowner you are subject to ever stricter environmental protection regulations. In the USA, for example, EALs have been mandatory since late 2013.

For all these different requirements, you need a speciality lubricant manufacturer to rely upon at all times. For this reason, our lubricants - no matter if fully synthetic ones or EALs - are thoroughly tested. With these products you can lubricate your components reliably and extend component life while complying with legal requirements, whilst you reduce your operating costs in the long term.


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