Floating Construction Systems

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Teignmouth Maritime Services

Diving Construction and Underwater Engineering. Specialists in shallow water work. Marine civils support. All types of coded workboats/safety boats. Flat top pontoons all with spud legs, 80 ton crane barge with pedestal mounted crane. Marine Construction & Dredging. Floating Plant. Marine Civil Engineering. Below Water Construction. Piling....

Combifloat Systems B.V.

2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel
Floating Construction Systems. Combifloat modular self elevating platforms. Pontoons. We sell and rent modular platforms such as: Self Elevating Platforms. Drillbarge. Cable/Pipe Laybarges. Jetties. Work Over Platforms. Bridges. Barges. Workboats. Ferries.

Marine Services South West Ltd

Floating Plant. Self-propelled crane barge with spud legs, work platforms & workboats, qualified crew/skilled engineers.

H Noorman BV

3633 AX Vreeland

MSV Explorer Ltd


Velsmidja Orms & Viglundar SF


Boogaard Sliedrecht CV

3361 HL Sliedrecht