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Rohde Nielsen A/S

DK-1051 Copenhagen K
Dredging Contractors. Specialising in capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation and coast protection. As Scandinavia's largest dredging contractor, we thrive on low cost timely and efficient solutions.

WM Plant Hire Ltd

Specialists in heavy duty long reach excavators for marine applications. Available with up to 30m outreach with a range of attachments. Dredging. Dredging contractors. Marine Construction. Underwater Excavation. Coastal Engineering. Rock Armour Placement. Offshore Windfarm Applications.

Jenkins Marine Ltd

Barges and Workboats. Charter of self-propelled split hopper barges and flat top spud leg barges. MCA coded workboats from 5m - 30m LOA, tugs up to 15t BP & multicat type workboats. Dredging. Backhoe based Capital and Maintenance Dredging projects, based south coast UK. Tugs & Barges. Charter of flat top, self-propelled and spud legs...

Teignmouth Maritime Services

Diving Construction and Underwater Engineering. Specialists in shallow water work. Marine civils support. All types of coded workboats/safety boats. Flat top pontoons all with spud legs, 80 ton crane barge with pedestal mounted crane. Marine Construction & Dredging. Floating Plant. Marine Civil Engineering. Below Water Construction. Piling....

Bay Towage & Salvage Co Ltd

Work Utility and Support Craft. Tugs, workboats, survey launches & windfarm service vessels for hire. Experienced seabed levelling and surveying skippers for dredging and civil engineering works. Hydrographic survey, harbour launches, pontoons and tugs. Vessels for Charter. Windfarm Crew Vessel. Windfarm Service Vessels. Workboats for...

Lemans Nederland BV

4661 PZ Halsteren
Winches and lifting Equipment. Mooring Equipment. Winches, windlasses fairleads & capstans (custom built; manual, electric or hydraulic, planetary gear unit, worm-gear, spur-gear, etc: to handle wire, umbilical, rope, chain-cable etc.) either for anchor handling, mooring fishing, dredging, towing, tugging, etc. Hoisting, mooring and towing...

Boskalis Westminster Ltd

Dredging Contractors. UK leaders in dredging, marine construction and marine services. Providing our clients with capital and maintenance dredging, coastal defences, breakwater construction, marine drilling and blasting, nearshore and subsea pipeline installation, harbour towage, heavy lift and marine salvage.

Land & Marine Engineering Ltd

Marine Construction & Dredging. Marine contractor specialising in landfalls, outfalls, intakes, pipeline rehabilitation, nuclear pipeline decommissioning and particle retrieval. SPM moorings and marine terminal upgrades. Spud leg barge L M Constructor, 800t linear winches and other equipment for hire. Winches. Linear winches for hire: 100t,...

Meercat Boats Ltd

Boat builders. Workboats.Builders of steel, shallow draft, road transportable and conventional multi role workboats used for port service, fish farming, wind farm support, cable/pipe laying, moorings, piling, towage, dive support, pollution response and civil engineering.

Marine Specialists Ltd

Diving & Marine Contractors. Salvage, underwater construction, dredging, pipe laying, inspection, demolition and many specialised marine projects. Offshore and inshore diving. Marine civil engineering and underwater inspection. Marine access vessels/plant. Site/workshop fabrication units. Chartered engineer. Repair/maintenance solutions....

Dredging International NV

B-2070 Zwijndrecht
Dredging. Dredging International is one of the primary operating companies of the DEME Group and is highly respected worldwide. Working on every continent, the company specialises in the construction and development of harbours, artificial islands, estuarial dams, canals and inland waterways, dyke construction and reinforcement, beach...

BSA Shipping Agencies ANS

0150 Oslo
Ship Repair/Dry Dock & Fabrication. Offshore support vessels, flat top barges, dredging & survey vessels, drone inspection tugs, yacht refit & repairs, yacht new building, ship repairs & docking, port repairs, alongside repairs, diving inspection, subsea repairs & fabrication.

ML (UK) Dredging Ltd

Dredging Contractors. Dredging, cranes, barges, workboats, pontoons, barge charter, split barges. Dredging contractors, heavy marine fabricators, site welding, engineering, split hoppers for charter, back hoe dredgers, piling and fendering, timber work.

Mentech BV

2401 LH Alphen aan den Rijn
Winches. Van der Giessen winches. See entry under 'Mentech BV'. Ymuiden winches. See entry under 'Mentech BV' DMN winches. See entry under 'Mentech BV' Winches and Handling Systems. Dredging and Mining, Lifting, Towing, Naval Applications Website: www.mentech.eu

Herman Sr BV

3316 LB Dordrecht
Tugs and Workboats. Towage, dredging, offshore renewables, plough dredging, surveying, diving support, salvage, marine construction. Workboats for charter worldwide.

Mudpump Dredging

Mud Pumps. We specialise in selling and hiring mud pumps and additionally offer hire with an option to purchase. We also supply the hoses.

Wyre Marine Services

Dredging Contractors experts in grab hopper dredgers, ploughing and sea bed levelling. Contact us for road transportable workboats, safety boats & dredge support.

Foyle & Marine Dredging Ltd

Marine dredging, tug & work boat contractor.

Flagship Marine Services Ltd


Jex Plant Ltd

Kings Lynn

Harbour Clean (South) Ltd

Hayling Island

Deme Group

2070 Zwijndrecht

Wasa Dredging

FIN - 65100 Vaasa

Royal Smals Dredging

5433 NM Cuijk

Conbar UK Ltd


Bullo Marine Ltd

Westbury on Seven

CMP Thames


Port of Tyne Authority

Tyne Dock

Bell Dredging Pumps

1731 LR Winkel

TV Dredging

4251 NK Werkendam

Subsea Tooling Services UK Ltd


United Marine Services


Baker Trayte Marine Ltd


Larchville Ltd


Irish Dredging Co Ltd


Jan De Nul Group


Cemex UK Marine Ltd


Humber Work Boats Ltd


Inland Dredging Services Ltd


Dredge Yard Netherlands

3364 DA Sliedrecht

GT Rochester Plant Ltd


Peter Madsen Rederi AS

DK-8660 Skanderborg

RA O'Neill Plant Hire


GPS Marine Contractors Ltd


RPS Marine Ltd


IMC International Marine Consultancy

2030 Antwerp

Pressair International GmbH

81827 Munich

Marine Projects Rotterdam BV

3113 Aanschiedam

Anthony D Bates Partnership