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Atlas Winch and Hoist Services

Deck Equipment. Sheaves and Snatch Blocks. Winches. Suppliers/hirers of new and 2nd hand winches and marine deck equipment. Hydraulic, electric, diesel and air powered winches 1 tonne - 500 tonnes. Marine fairleads and sheaves, rigging and crane blocks 1 tonne - 3,000 tonnes. 4/6/8 point mooring systems available for rental and sale. Anchors...

J D Marine & Sons Ltd

Multicat Type Vessels. Marine Civil Engineering Projects, Towing, Jetty Repair Specialists, Pilot & Survey Services, Multicat & Tug Operations, Marine Renewable Energy Support, Survey & Inspections, Buoy & Mooring Deployment/Tending, River Dredging. Vessel Hire or Charter. Crew Transfers/Pilot Duties. Towing/Pushing Duties....

Green Marine UK Ltd

Towage. Salvage. Construction. Vessel Management. Project Management. Mooring Deployment & Removal. Naval Architectural Services & Engineering. Installation & Removal of Subsea Devices.

The Chatham Rope Company Ltd

Lower Upnor
Mooring Ropes. Manufacturer and supplier of fibre ropes in all materials for the commercial marine market. Mooring lines, towing systems and general ropes.

Maritime Consulting Association Ltd

For Sale: Offshore buoys & mooring systems.

North Sea Winches Ltd

Winches. Manufacturers of hydraulic and electric winches, windlasses and capstans for offshore and marine, tugs, ports and harbours. AHC Winches. Mooring winch systems. Anchor handling. Towing winches. Constant tension winches. Anchor windlass. Spooling & reel drivers. A&Rwinches. Active Winch. See us at Seawork on...

Lemans Nederland BV

4661 PZ Halsteren
Winches and lifting Equipment. Mooring Equipment. Winches, windlasses fairleads & capstans (custom built; manual, electric or hydraulic, planetary gear unit, worm-gear, spur-gear, etc: to handle wire, umbilical, rope, chain-cable etc.) either for anchor handling, mooring fishing, dredging, towing, tugging, etc. Hoisting, mooring and towing...

Cotesi UK Ltd

Mooring Ropes. Cotesi UK is a manufacturer/supplier of mooring ropes in different materials from Polypropylene to HMPE Dyneema. Nylon, Polyester, Polysteel, Tow Lines, Winch Lines, Polyform Buoys, Fenders, Floats.

Gael Force Marine

Mooring Equipment. Gael Force Marine offer a wide range of quality mooring and marine equipment including, mooring ropes, anchors, chain, marine hardware, safety equipment and protective clothing. Worldwide service. Floating Breakwater Moorings. Marine Pontoon Moorings. Single-Point Boat/Yacht Moorings. Installation and Supervision. Unbeatable...

Brooks Forgings Ltd

Cradley Heath
Mooring Rings & Chain Link Adjusters. Specified supplier of bespoke mooring rings, chain link adjusters and fasteners. Over 20 manufacturing processes including hot bending, robot welding and flash butt welding. Bracketry. Fixing Bolts.

Strangford Moorings

Workboats. We have access to various crafts from multicats to catamarans. If we do not operate it ourselves we can work with other providers to deliver the service you require. Aids to Navigation. Vessel Charter. Marine Renewables. Ribs.

Mann Buck Steels Ltd

Ballast.Steel plates, beams, columns, tubes, steel ballast, mooring chain. Free stock list/photos available. Your contact: Bill Mann Email:

ACE Winches

Winches. A global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of winches and marine deck machinery.

Smith Berger Marine Inc.

Mooring & Towing Equipment. Fairleads, sheaves, blocks, chain stoppers, towing pins, stern rollers, shark jaws, custom mooring & towing solutions.

Highland Subsea Services Ltd

Fort William
Diving Contractors. Inshore commercial diving, inspection, repair & maintenance projects in marine shipping, fish farming, aqua culture, etc.

Land & Marine

For Hire: Barge, LMConstructor. Mooring Winches. Marine Anchors. Pipe Conveyor Rollers. Capstan Winches. Linear Winches - from 100t to 800t. New 800t socket passing linear winches.

J Murphy & Sons Ltd

For Hire: Barge, LMConstructor. Mooring Winches. Marine Anchors. Pipe Conveyor Rollers. Capstan Winches. Linear Winches - from 100t to 800t. New 800t socket passing linear winches.

Thames Moorings London Ltd

South Ockendon

Griffin Woodhouse Ltd

Cradley Heath

D R B Marine Services Ltd


Swansea Drydocks Ltd


Recovery Tech


InterMoor Inc

Morgan City

Offspring International Ltd


Farndon Harbour Moorings Ltd


Seaswift Products Ltd


North West Trading Co


North West Marine Services


Phoenix Marine Solutions Ltd


Calvey Marine Ltd


Shire Maritime ltd


Bollard Load Testing Ltd

South Shields

Mooring Systems Ltd


R S Aqua Ltd


D Koronakis SA

18545 Piraeus

David Ferran & Sons


Jetties & Moorings


Moorlink AB


King Marine Services

Worcester Park

Fendercare Marine Ltd


Baker Trayte Marine Ltd


Standard Quay


Norfloat International Ltd