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GEM Smart Shipping Exchange

The Smart Ship Exchange

Starting on Thursday, 10th October 2019 until Friday, 11th October 2019

The Exchange will look at the issues involved with increasing autonomy in shipping with an introduction to the concept, an in depth look at developments, the technology currently present and what’s in the future, safety and assurance of vessels, what changes mean for fleet owners, what are the legal and insurance implications and of course the human element.

There will be a mixture of presentations, round-table discussions and panel debates from leading experts from the shipping industry worldwide including fleet owners, naval architects, designers, manufacturers, operators, harbour authorities and maritime research organisations.  All of which will discuss their views and current findings, leading to a unique opportunity for all those with an interest in the future of shipping to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of maritime professionals.  The focus will be based on the technological, regulatory and legal developments necessary to make autonomous ships a reality.