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VPO Forum London

VPO Forum London

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

The next frontiers in vessel performance optimisation - commercial factors and human factors?

At Digital Ship's 2nd London Vessel Performance Optimisation forum in London next Wednesday (June 19), we will be taking the vessel performance discussion to a new frontier. No admission charge for employees of shipping companies.

Looking at commercial factors (relating performance to getting business or pool earnings) and human factors (since seafarers probably make the most critical decisions about performance).

At one level vessel performance optimisation is basic stuff. A well maintained engine, with a clean propeller and a clean hull, is most efficient. Lower speeds use less fuel. You may find a more efficient route.

But of course it's not so simple. Decisions need to be made about speed, routing, operation of engines and generators, maintenance and cleaning, with multiple factors to consider.

Seafarers make the most critical decisions about vessel performance - how to actually operate the vessel. In order for someone to be able to tell them there is a better decision they could make, that someone needs to know what the specific ship is doing, and what it could be doing, and why that option is better. And what happens if the crew prefer their current way of doing it?

And the commercial factors driving vessel performance are highly complex, particularly if the fuel costs are covered by a charterer, such as an oil company, no matter what they are. How does the charterer incentivise a shipowner, the vessel management company, and the crew, to work to improve performance? 

We'll tackle these difficult questions at our London forum. Our chair and opening speaker, Jakub Buus Petersen of Vessel Performance Solutions, has a system to enable a manager of a pool of vessels to distribute pool earnings to pool partners based on how fuel efficient their vessels were compared to other vessels in the same segment. The software is fully integrated in Maersk Tankers' pools. (For further information see this article from Tanker Operator magazine).

Our second speaker, Patrick Joseph, Master Mariner, Director, Uirtus Marine Services Ltd, Former Head of BP Global Vetting and Clearance, will share his ideas on how to work with human factors in optimising vessel performance, and areas oil companies are increasing their vigilance in verifying performance of chartered vessels.
We also have talks about getting more value from data, improved voyage planning, a panel discussion with representatives from Hadley Shipping and Claus-Peter Offen Containerschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG. Then an afternoon session on equipment looks at gathering data from machinery and propulsion.

We have delegates registered from AET UK, Commercial Operations Manager, Vessel Operator; Aswan Shipping, HSEQ Manager, DPA & CSO, Shipping Cyber Security Director; BP Shipping, Lead Electrical Superintendent, Lead Solutions Architect; Dalex Shipping, Director; DAO Maritime, Operations Director; Epic Gas, Senior Ship Manager, Operations Executive; G2Ocean, Maritime ICT Manager; Japan Marine United Europe, GM Technical; Navig8, Sr Performance Analyst; Red Funnel Ferries, Head of Marine Support, Fleet Ops; Reederei NCB, Head of Vessel Performance Center; Shell, Marine Digital Ventures, Software Engineer Marine; Teekay Glasgow, Fleet Performance Manager, Fleet Performance Superintendent,  IT Project Manager; Tufton Oceanic, CTO; Tufton Oceanic, Senior Analyst; Zodiac Maritime, Head of Vessel Solutions; Zodiac Maritime, Technical Department 
Limited delegates places still remaining, please register now to confirm yours.

The Waldorf Hilton, London
Aldwych, London, WC2B 4DD
Conference Room: Palm Court & Adelphi Suite

No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.

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