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20 Years Sales Success Built on Expertise & Integration

Wednesday, 5th February 2020

2020 sees the 20th anniversary of Energy Solutions distributing Victron Energy products in the UK, a business partnership that has grown year on year.

From the early days of selling power, monitoring and control products and services to marine customers, Energy Solutions has evolved to become a system designer, manufacturer and distributor for the marine vehicle and off grid markets; with Victron products forming an integral and integrated part of many of those systems.

Becoming the highest volume UK Victron distributor in 2006 set Energy Solutions in a position they have enjoyed for many years since.

The Energy Solutions teams in Engineering, Service and Sales are experts in the Victron range; from their understanding of the products, to how best to integrate them into systems that address the needs of clients.

Recognising this expertise Energy Solutions were appointed as the UK Service & Repair Centre for Victron in 2018, with the service team working alongside the 6 members of Technical Sales assisting dealers and customers across the country.

Victron Energy explains: “As Victron Energy we are extremely grateful and proud to be able to consider Energy Solutions as our distributor. Not only are they the perfect ambassador for our brand in making the market aware of the opportunities with our product, but we also have valuable cooperation in the development of new products and markets.”

In 2020 Energy will be highlighting the 20 years of growth with new Victron displays at trade shows, including Seawork and Farm Business Innovation, as well as special promotions and training events throughout the year.

Concludes Energy Solutions MD Paul Holland: “Since we started working with Victron Energy in 2000, their innovative, high-quality range has formed an integral part of our systems, and a key element of our online sales and growth. We look forward to developing the relationship even further.”

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