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3000T jack-up barge arrives at HMNB Portsmouth – welcome for ‘Typhoon 3000’

Monday, 21st March 2022

OverWater (part of The SMS Group), with a permanent presence on HM Naval Base Portsmouth, has won a significant contract to support KBS Maritime with the operation and maintenance of a new, state-of-the-art 3000T jack-up barge called the ‘Typhoon 3000’.

The SMS Group, specialise in dry dock vessel and ship repair.

OverWater will be working to commercialise the asset, via commercial charters, when it’s not required within HMNB Portsmouth.

The Typhoon 3000 is a Ravestein platform of the following dimensions: 60m LOA, 28m beam, 800T on deck crawler crane capacity, 3000T lift capacity, with 52m spud legs.  

It is an extremely capable multi-role semi-submersible jack-up barge which can also be utilised as a dry dock, lift platform or transport barge.  

The asset has numerous commercial marine applications and will be homeported in the Solent.

Dave Chaffers, General Manager for The SMS Group, said: “The principal purpose of the barge is to obviously support the RN, but by working in close partnership with the various stakeholders we look forward to commercialising the jack-up not only within the Solent but also within UK and European waters.  

“She offers immense capability to the marine civils, dry dock, and commercial refit and repair markets; not to mention the heavy lift, and ports and harbours sectors.  

“As a jack-up she’s definitely a ‘premium’ solution and tremendously capable.”

Chris Norman, the Managing Director of The SMS Group, said: “The jack-up barge is a unique piece of kit, but perhaps more importantly our commercial offering is somewhat unique too.  

“Not only can we now support programmes of works which involve either heavy lift or dry dock operations, we can obviously support the works to be undertaken onboard the platform.  

“Our core engineering capability is now fully mobile. This places us uniquely in the market, with a turn-key technical and engineering solution very much available to civil, defence, and commercial customers alike.”

Mr Chaffers added: “The Typhoon 3000 give us shiplift capacity, in the Solent, up to 3000T.  

“It also gives us the ability to move the platform, as required, to any one of our eight sites.  

“This capability is unrivalled in the UK, and now available for charter via OverWater - our focus now is on managed, turn-key, engineering solutions.” 

KBS Maritime is a joint venture between infrastructure asset management and services provider KBR and BAE Systems.  
It delivers ambitious, modern and enduring change to the Portsmouth base infrastructure and provides world-leading fleet support for the Royal Navy and the UK.

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