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40th BOP and Riser Recovery Project

Wednesday, 5th February 2020

Marin the specialist BOP and Riser Recovery company has recently completed its 40th BOP and Riser recovery in Southern India for their client, ‘’this has been one of the most complex and challenging BOP Recovery Projects‘’ quotes the company, “that Marin have undertaken since 1994”. 

Friday the 13th September 2019, saw the BOP successfully pulled from the extremely soft seabed in 726 metres of water where Marin tools were applied with great success to complete the complex and difficult recovery operations. 

During the recovery process, the Modular Drilling Unit (MODU) suffered a pontoon and machine space breach and the rig started to list with potential to sink. 

The Marin crew saw the successful containment and the stem of water brought under control with the direction of the OIM.

Marin’s highly experienced team continued to recover the asset, resulting in the BOP being fully recovered to deck using Marin procedures and specialist tooling and set back on the BOP carrier.  

Conditions were extremely challenging and the rig, situated in the Bay of Bengal, bore the brunt of monsoon season starting, with cyclones and surface currents of 3-9 knots and waves regularly reaching heights of 3-5 metres. These conditions were recurring over the 8 weeks as the rig, SSV Louisiana, carried out the work to ensure that ONGC, the owners, were back on track with field developments. 

Marin are an extremely diverse Subsea company that specialise in complex recovery and bespoke decommissioning projects in unlimited water depths.

Marin are globally operational and able to support complex operations with our range of water driven, environmentally friendly EVO tooling, designed and developed by Sills and Stroud who established the 30 years plus patented track record in proven Hydrodynamic Excavation tooling.

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