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Thursday, 13th May 2021

Approved Hydraulics Started 34 years ago as Geoff Hindle (a man with a van). Focusing on repairs and service work to the hydraulic industry. The work covered all and everything under the hydraulic banner but was focus more so towards the truck hydraulic industry (Lorry cranes, Skip Loaders, hook lifts etc...).

Over the years the company has changed and evolved to move into new areas. As the repair business became less and less sustainable due to a lack of engineers and longer free service contracts from equipment manufacturers, the company decided to move into more of a sales role, using the years of hands on experience to ensure customers would not only receive the correct parts for the job, but also the back up and knowledge support on how to fit and install the component correctly. 

The Company has always been based around Manchester initially covering the North west of the UK area when we were a service and repair company. However, as the company transformed into sales we now cover all of the UK and Ireland in our day to day sales but also and more frequently export items to both Europe and the rest of the world.

We cover a large range of sectors (almost any in the hydraulic industry in some way) however some stand out far more than others such as the forestry market, Rail Market, truck hydraulic market, industrial hydraulics for factories, Demolition markets and subsea and offshore sectors to name a few. 

To become a market leader in any market you need to have good quality products behind you as well as support and knowledge. We hold 3 main attachment UK dealerships that we belief offer all this to the subsea market. 

Intermercato AB (sassed in Sweden) – Official the Sole UK agent for over 10 years Intermercato offer the largest range of log grabs in the market. They are predominantly known for their strength to weight ratio. Many consider them in the market indestructible. There are huge amounts of these currently being used on cable and pipeline repair and replacment

Statement for MD at Intermercato - Approved Hydraulics have been our partners and sole UK agents for more than 10 years now and we are more than pleased with the way they represent us and our products. They have a very dedicated sales team with high technical ability and sales back-up that can be trusted 100%.- Lotta Hilderbrand(MD)

Minelli SRL (Based in Italy) are a long-standing excavator grab attachment manufacturer. There grabs are well known for the their strength and have huge lift capacities compared to some on the market. They offer all their range in standard or full subsea specification.  We have supplied many polyp grabs and bucket grabs in subsea spec to many UK customers.

CMB SRL (Based in Italy) are a one of approved Hydraulics latest ventures. With the success of early sales Approved Hydraulics have moved to become the official UK dealer.  CMB specialize in excavator grab attachmentmants. There range covers forestry, demolition and material handling. The majority of there attachments are available in subsea specification upon request.

Approved Hydraulics began our own product range around 5 years ago called HYDRA – Part.  This covers a full range of standard hydraulic components including, Control valve, line mounted valves, Pumps, PTO units, Tanks, Motors, Stabiliser pads and cages to name a few on the ever going range. We spent some time shopping round the world and discussing quality and price with a world of manufactures. We signed UK sole rights on most of the range and have it all branded under out HYDRA-Part registered trade mark.  We always sold these items but with no real strong hold or price advantage to the customer. After the world when to buy online we were left with only 2 options, compete in this market or simply Bow out!.

We’ve never been the type of company to turn down a challenge, so we decided to compete. Once we found all the right parts and the right price we started to an all singing all dancing buy online website. This has been very successful as we now sell a full range of standard hydraulic equipment to end users, dealers and original equipment manufacturers.

Regarding the subsea market it has always seemed to be very buoyant (pardon the pun). We have been selling to this industry for around 10 years but sales have really increased over the past 2 years due to a large push from Approved Hydraulics and many customers are now confident with the equipment we supply, knowing it will be perfectly fit for purpose. In many cases, we can offer a modified standard design to suit any application or need. 

We also offer underwater compatible rotators as of 2021.
For the future, Approved Hydraulics are looking get into more of our own products to increase our profile. We are very interested in getting into some more bespoke work as we have a great advantage over many suppliers through our years of knowledge and hands-on engineering.

We are always interested in customer input for this as this is essentially how we have devolved new items over the past few years. 

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