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BSPA helps Hydroscand deliver excellent customer service.

Monday, 13th December 2021

By continuing to train our teams, we can offer excellent customer service and confidence to our customers

Our teams receive regular training in several aspects of their roles. The British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) offer a suite of industry specific training courses. In November we held not one but two, two-day BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training Courses, at our head office in Nottingham.

We had a good cross section of team members taking the course, from Sales Managers to Mobile Hose Technicians to Branch Technicians.

Here are just some of the comments from those who attended:

Rob Roseveare, Mobile Hose Technician at our Bodmin branch said: “The BFPA Course was excellently delivered by Stephen Dilks as always. He is happy to answer any questions and gives good suggestions to alternative methods to achieve better results.

“After 10 years of working within the hydraulic hose industry, this course keeps everyone up to date with all the latest industry standards, and new practices to keep us as engineers informed and safe and keeping customer downtime to minimum.

“The course content is very in-depth when looking at the Thread Form chapter. You come away with a better understanding, of how to identify the different types of hose inserts and adaptors Hydroscand keeps as standard in stock.”

John Vincent, who recently joined Hydroscand as Mobile Technician at our Birmingham branch added: “I attended the BFPA course and found it very interesting. It was a real eye opener to the dangers when dealing with hydraulics and making it a safer environment.

“I also learned about the hoses, fittings, measurements and thread types…very useful course and I enjoyed it.”

Kelvin Curnow, Sales Manager said: “As usual, a well delivered and presented informative course, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss topics within the syllabus. I was pleased with the pace and coursework material provided, which proves a valuable ongoing reference.

“No matter what level of hydraulics experience you possess, you can be sure you’ll either take away something new or will at least get refreshed.

“Always a pleasure to attend these BFPA courses professionally run by Stephen Dilks.”

Mobile Hose Technician, Jed Saxby at our Nottingham branch said: “The course was very interesting and gave a good in-depth, insight into making hydraulic hoses.”

Conor Borrett, Branch Technician at our Nottingham added: “The course was very informative and helpful in giving the basics on hydraulic hoses. It was nice to meet colleagues from different branches.”

By continuing to train our teams to industry standards and maintaining our commitment to both our quality management system and the BFPA Approved Assemblies Scheme, we can offer excellent customer service and confidence to our customers.

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