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Commercial Rib Charter Running Essential Cargo Supplies

Monday, 27th April 2020

Firstly, on behalf of Commercial Rib Charter, we hope that you and your business are as safe and healthy as can be during these unprecedented times.

At present, like most businesses we are constantly monitoring and following all government guidelines and advice on how to keep our staff and clients safe whilst offering and providing vital support and essential services.

CRC Galaxy and CRC Voyager have been running essential cargo supplies to offshore supply vessels, North Sea Giant and Normand Pacific which are currently repairing a power cable off the UK coast.

Supplies have been regular including parts for ROV’s and also supplies for the vessels including food and water.

The vessels have been up to 30 miles offshore and transfers have occasionally had to be made in some quite unfavourable weather – well done crew!

CRC Gladiator has been operational on an east coast windfarm.

Rib Charter Transfers are usually daily but have been restricted for repairs to turbines only during the current situation.

CRC Vanguard continues to work 24hrs a day out of Lochlong in Scotland, providing essential crew transfers.

As you might remember, during the winter months our fleet of open rib all underwent refits. These were all completed ahead of the start of the season so this means our ops team are able to utilise their time to ensure our commercial fleet, mobilising or demobilising are fully prepared and in tip top shape for any new essential projects coming in.

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