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Corrosion Protection Just Got Easier!

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019

Plasmet ZF - a corrosion-inhibiting coating from Corroserve is now available in a  400ml aerosol for easy application in difficult to access areas and for touch up work offshore and at sea.

Coating with a Plasmet ZF aerosol takes much less time when compared with brush application; it also ensures that every inch of the surface is covered – even deep areas and hard to reach nooks and crannies which might otherwise be missed.

Other key benefits that users can expect are: even coverage, minimal preparation; there is no longer a need to mix components on site from separate containers, and no clean up requirement afterwards. In addition, once opened, the aerosol has a long pot life – at least 24 hours, meaning the user has time to complete a number of jobs across a site or installation.
  • Ease of use
  • No mixing in site
  • No clean up
  • Min preparation
  • Long Pot life
  • Convenience

Plasmet ZF is a tough, durable rust tolerant coating requiring minimal surface preparation, offering long term resistance to corrosion attack for applications ranging from all types of structural steelwork, tanks and pipework in many marine industry sectors. Tough, durable and tolerant of vehicular traffic, Plasmet ZF can be used for protection in both immersed and atmospheric conditions.

With so many ease of use and convenience benefits, a Plasmet ZF aerosol will soon have a place in every service engineer’s tool bag - giving fast, effective corrosion protection… in an instant.

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