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Cutting Edge Marine Safety and Burning Issues

Monday, 11th February 2019

3 One Day Workshops - Southampton UK - 2 3 4 April 2019

As the digital age rapidly arrives all around us - it (or IT) may have overlooked that safety at sea is still all about people. To meet the changing requirements of modern fleets, smart organisations and specialist equipment manufacturers now need to work together to blend traditional safety methods with innovation.

A unique programme of 3 specialist safety days for the sub IMO / sub 24 metre professional sector is being held back-to-back at the Grand Harbour Hotel overlooking the port of Southampton this April. The fast moving programme brings together an international group of 25 experts armed with the latest knowledge to identify problems that affect the maritime sector worldwide - and highlight potential solutions!

Workshop Lead, John Haynes said, ‘Each Workshop focusses on a specific topic, so that busy people can attend for a single day. In recent years the NEXT GEN programme has gained a reputation for highlighting burning issues and emerging opportunities. The unique insight gained from dynamic panel sessions is leading to improvements for in-service systems and procurement of next generation vessels.’

NEXT GEN Man Overboard Prevention & Recovery on 2 April 2019is relevant to all people working on or near to water. Expert presenters highlight lessons learned and give viable methods to reduce loss of life at sea, in harbours, docks and marinas. Sponsors include Ocean Safety, Exposure OLAS.

How can we Attach People to Boats with Strong Points, Harnesses and Tethers?
When can Electronic or Laser Flares be used versus Pyrotechnics?

NEXT GEN Safety Systems & Equipment on 3 April 2019delves into future requirements along with the challenge of integrating innovative systems into the maritime workplace to improve safety, communication and situational awareness. Sponsors include Seakeeper, Dyena, David Clark, Sea Robotics.

Are Digital Navigation Systems Becoming More or Less Complicated?
How can we use Dynamic Risk Assessment to improve Safety at Sea?

NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions on 4 April 2019focusses on managing the risk of operating planing craft in waves. Extreme applications have driven rapid development and cost effective solutions are now becoming available for lower speed vessels.Sponsors include Skydex, Shoxs, Scot Seats, Shockwave.

How do we evolve our knowledge of Vertical to Multi Axis Solutions?
What quick and simple methods Reduce Risk of Injury on Fast Craft?

NEXT GEN Workshop days are relevant to workboats, pilot boats, patrol, search & rescue, survey, wind farm support, superyacht tenders, training and charter vessels. UK attendees include Royal Navy, Ministry of Defence, Border Force, HM Coastguard and the RNLI. International attendees include professional and military organisations, boat builders, equipment manufacturers, service providers and classification organisations. 

There is a discount for British Marine and RINA members. Supporters of the event include UK Maritime Pilots, University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University.

NEXT GEN Man Overboard - Presenters
Capt Andrew Moll– Chief Inspector, Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)
‘Lessons Learned from Recent Man Overboard Incidents’

Maritime Operations Controller– HM Coastguard
‘How a Man Overboard Rescue Evolves at the Control Centre’

Lewis Arnold– Operations Manager (Lifeboats), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
‘How Do We Keep Our Rescuers Safe At Sea’

Alistair Hackett– Managing Director, Ocean Safety
‘Developing Integrated and Effective Life Saving Solutions’

Paul Savage OBE– Maritime Medical Solutions Consultant, Saviour Medical
‘Breaking the Historical Paradigms of Maritime First Aid Training’

James Fanshawe CBE– Chairman, Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group
‘How Autonomous Surface Vessels can Improve Safety for SAR Operations’

Tom Harrop– Marine Brand Manager, Exposure Lights
‘High Power Portable LED Work Lights with built in MOB Technology’

Jon Lewis– Maritime Command, UK Border Force
‘Making Man Overboard Exercises More Realistic and Effective’

Bill Swanton– Survival Officer, Institute of Naval Medicine
‘Sea Survival Training and Effective Methods of MOB Recovery’

NEXT GEN Safety Systems- Presenters
Cdr Adam Northover – Fleet Navigator & Seamanship Officer, MoD Boats Manager - Royal Navy
‘Why Fundamental Seamanship and Simple Navigation still matter in the Digital Age’

Capt Don Cockrill MBE– Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association (UKMPA)
‘Maritime Situational Awareness - Determination, Perception and Integrity’

James Coker– Account Manager Northern Europe, Seakeeper
‘A Stable Vessel is a Safer Vessel’

Sally Dale– Managing Director, Pinpoint Electronics / Distributor for Sea Machines
‘Autonomous Vessels can Improve Safety for Dull Dirty and Dangerous Tasks’

Dr Spike Briggs– Managing Director, Medical Support Offshore
‘Integrated Remote Healthcare at Sea in the 21st Century’

John Haynes– Managing Director, Shock Mitigation 
‘Balancing the Need For Speed with Reliability and Durability – of Boats and People’ 

Kent Clarke– Military Business Development Manager, David Clark Company
‘Effective Communications for Extreme Marine Environments’

Duncan King– Head of Amphibious Trials & Development, Royal Marines
‘Challenges of Trialling Boats and Equipment in a Changing World’

Simon Wood Power– Managing Director, Supermarine Powerboats
‘The Reality of Familiarity Breeding Contempt on High Speed Craft’

James Glover– Managing Director, DYENA
‘Utilising Vessel Data Monitoring to improve Crew Safety

NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation - Presenters

John Haynes– Managing Director, Shock Mitigation
‘Global Perspective on Shock Mitigation and the Reality at Sea Level’

Pete Sheppard– Senior Naval Architect, RNLI
‘The Challenges of Integrating WBV Mitigation into Existing Fleets’

Hans van der Molen– Head of Technical Projects & Innovation, KNRM (NL Lifeboat)
‘Presentation Title TBC’

Andrew Hughes– Business Development Europe, SHOXS
‘Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and technology’

Phillip Moxley– Senior Engineer, Frazer-Nash Consultancy / BS WBV Panel
‘Update on British Standards Whole Body Vibration Panel’

Sean Gerrett– Sales Manager, Shockwave
‘Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and technology’

James Taylor– President & CEO, SKYDEX Technologies
‘Non-Mechanical Shock Mitigation Solutions for Sitting and Standing on Planing Craft’

Jonathan Young– Managing Director, Scot Seats
‘Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and technology’

Dr Thomas Coe– Whole Body Vibration and Noise Specialist
‘Presentation Title TBC’

Gurmail Paddan– Head of Acoustics & Vibration, Institute of Naval Medicine, Ministry of Defence Presentation Title TBC

Paul Delderfield– Specialist Inspector of Health & Safety (Noise & Vibration), Health & Safety Executive 
‘HSE Position on Whole Body Vibration in Boats and Current Exemptions’
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