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Efficient Filtration Ensures Fuel Cost Savings

Tuesday, 5th March 2019

Reducing waste and saving time

With marine fuel oil prices continuously rising, the need for increased fuel efficiency is more important than ever. This was a well-documented problem on board a major cruise liner, whose fuel oil system had become outdated and so was producing high levels of sludge.

· BOLLFILTER UK carried out a main engine fuel oil filtration system upgrade, a proposal was provided for 2 x 6.72.1 DN65 automatic filters @ 34 micron, complete with electric control panels & flanged-on simplex standby units.

· The Chief Engineer was able to calculate that the new system was reducing the amount of sludge produced per day by approximately 60 litres. This equates to a best case estimate of nearly 22,000 litres per year saved in unnecessary sludge.

· Staff Chief Engineer, responsible for the vessels operation and maintenance said


"The biggest saving for me is the old filters needed cleaning just about every week, using staff time. The new filters have not needed cleaning since installation. They are also producing less sludge due to the reduction in number of back flushes per day.

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