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Guardian™ life ring cabinets make it to Tampa Bay

Thursday, 30th January 2020

Tampa is the third largest city in Florida, after Miami and Jacksonville, with Tampa Bay being the largest port in the state. Such a location requires industry leading, reliable, water safety equipment, and that's exactly where we specialise.

Why did the City of Tampa choose Guardian™ Life Ring Cabinets?

As well as being a populous city, where many people reside, Tampa is also home to a number of vibrant and engaging tourist attractions - from arts and entertainment, to museums, cuisine and regular, city-wide events.

A notable event is the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival - a pirate-themed mock invasion, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city each year.

Guardian™ life ring cabinets immediately proved to be a natural fit. Easily-accessible, strikingly-visible and impressively-durable, our vital equipment offers a practical solution when ensuring water safety remains high on the agenda.

Guardian™ life ring cabinets are also assisting the aims and aspirations of the Friends of the Riverwalk. This non-profit organisation is working with the city of Tampa to transform downtown's waterfront into an active, pedestrian-friendly environment for commerce, transportation, entertainment and fitness. These inspirational objectives are all being undertaken to enhance the city centre, and we're proud that our life ring cabinets are helping to keep the waterfront safe, too!

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