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HydroSurv and Orange Force Marine partner in Canada

Wednesday, 10th March 2021

HydroSurv Unmanned Survey (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce it has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Orange ForceMarine Ltd. whereby the parties will collaborate in the sale of Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) and provision of USV based hydrographic and environmental surveying services in Canada.

‘Our mission is to democratise ocean data, and by using our globally innovative USV technology with our cloud-based data visualisation, we can put actionable intelligence into the hands of hydrographic and environmental survey commissioners. TheCanadian market is an important market for ‘Robotics-as-a-Service’ and we’re pleased to be working with Orange Force Marine to help us serve that market’ said David Hull, CEO HydroSurv.

‘The global marine industry is rapidly adopting the use of USVs, and the Canadian market is on-pace with the introduction of this technology. Given the dynamics found within the marine environment in Canada and the unique needs of Canadian surveyors - presently and in the years to come, we recognize the significant value that HydroSurv’s services and USV technology brings to the Canadian marketplace. We’re pleased to be working with such a progressive organization such as HydroSurv and we look forward to jointly providing a cutting-edge survey solution in Canada’ said Derek Niles, PresidentOrange Force Marine.

About HydroSurv
HydroSurv is an innovative designer, builder and operator of Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) delivering technology and services for a range of industries including ocean conservation, utilities, ports and harbours and the renewable energy sector,where they aim to disrupt the work of conventional support vessels using low-impact vessels operated from land-basedcontrol centres.

About Orange Force Marine
Orange Force Marine provides safe, professional, cost effective & efficient commercial marine services to clients throughout the Great Lakes (Canada & US) and Atlantic Canada; while improving mariner competency, reducing risk and enhancing safetyof life at sea through education & training. In addition to vessel chartering services and training; marine products, crewing, and various other marine consulting services are also offered.
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