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Island Ropes Announce the Launch of Its New Hmpe Rope ‘Ox Fibre’

Wednesday, 12th February 2020

Discover a new approach to rope.

Island Ropes is a company with an ethos as strong as their rope, with employees holding over 50 years’ experience in the industry and strong knowledge of both the products and the market. The team at Island Ropes, including in-house splicing and rigging experts, focus on service, quality and speed; working as partners with customers, building strong, long lasting relationships.

At Island Ropes, cost control is guaranteed and unfortunately, customers going directly to the manufacturer aren’t getting the best value for money.

Through working with leading EU manufacturers and maintaining higher than normal stock levels, Island Ropes can proudly offer eight different types of break load, including Dyneema® and with a rigging department in-house, reels are easily tailored to the customer’s needs.

Managing director Steve Hayman says; “we realised that the customer was limited to one product when buying from a manufacturer.

We differ because we can offer a selection of rope to meet their needs, based on buying criteria such as diameter, break load, price and delivery, rather than being restricted to a singular product.” 

Ox Fibre is a new approach to HMPE rope used for many applications such as: winching, lifting, mooring and towing. For years Dyneema® has held centre stage, providing the answer for many companies and although its quality cannot be faulted, alternative brands of HMPE fibre are just as impressive in terms of performance. With Ox Fibre, there is huge cost-saving potential of nearly 50% for a product of the same break load, ideal for the customer who enjoys high quality yet exercises cost control. Island Ropes can also offer Ox Fibre in five different grades.

Although Ox Fibre is a favourite at Island Ropes, Dyneema® is also fully stocked and available. The team at Island Ropes understand the comfort that comes with a well-known and reputable brand and for some clients, the name holds significant value when sourcing high strength ropes for industrial actions. For this reason, Island Ropes supply Dyneema® SK75, SK78 and SK99, alongside Ox Fibre. 

Although Island Ropes is a fairly new company, the team is dedicated to providing the best customer service, speedy processing and delivery; offering top expertise within the industry. This all runs hand in hand with the firm belief that happy employees result in happy customers, upholding the tight-knit culture at Island Ropes.

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