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LeeSan Pump Out Installation in the plant room of a Thames boathouse

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Warwickshire based, Sanitation and Pump Out specialist LeeSan have just completed and commissioned an interesting Pump Out Installation in the plant room of a boathouse on the river Thames.

The owner of the property required a custom set-up to enable them to empty the black water tank on their own canal boat, so asked the team at Fenny Compton to design, specify install and commission an appropriate system

The marine sanitation installation comprises of a wall mounted LeeStrom M60K diaphragm pump which is controlled by an Operation/Safety electrical panel and is fitted above flood level for safety.

This pumps into a nearby, below ground lifting station which eventually pumps into the main sewer.

Also installed is a stainless-steel hose hanger with a 15m lightweight suction hose terminating in an ISO8099 probe valve. This is the probe valve that over many years LeeSan developed for the UK canal system and which is now recognised as the gold standard for “hands free”, no mess pump out systems worldwide.

Operation is extremely simple. The owner moors the boat, unscrews the matching LeeSan deck fitting and inserts the pump out probe. This has a double “O” Ring and therefore creates a perfect seal. Once the system is activated and the pump is turned on at the control panel, the operation is fully automatic.

A transparent “sight glass” built into the probe allows the operator to see when the tank is completely empty. The hose can be rinsed out by pumping a small amount of river water through it.

LeeSan offer an ongoing service scheme which ensures the long and reliable life of the entire package.

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