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Manuplas® supply fendering for the Finland Search and Rescue Authorities

Wednesday, 19th August 2020

With temperatures in Finland as low as -45°C in winter, Search and Rescue Authorities need fendering for their vessels that has been tested to withstand and be able to perform effectively in cold climates.

Which is why, when approached by the Finnish authorities, our Marine team recommended sprayed nine-meter fenders that have been tested and have a track record of continuing to work effectively in a range of climates.
Our sprayed fendering is bespoke, ensuring that our customer benefited from:
  • Inhouse CNC machine to manufacture the fender to the exact contours of the vessel
  • Colour matching to vessel
  • Lightweight design reduces fuel consumption and ensures the vessel reaches maximum speeds quickly
  • Easy to install
Since the initial order for six, we are delighted that a further six fenders have been commissioned via the Finland Search and Rescue Authorities.

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