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Marine Drinking Water Test Kits

Wednesday, 1st September 2021

While fresh water appears to form a small part of vessels normal operating parameters, if left unattended it can have significant bearing on the crew’s health and well being. Therefore water on board must be free of all pathogenic organisms and harmful chemicals. To achieve this, you are required to carry out regular, documented inspections of the vessels drinking water supplies.

IM&M can offer the marine industry water testing kits and support in implementing a water safety plan to meet the requirements of ISO, ILO, IHR, WHO and now MLC 2006, which came into force in August 2013. 

It also enables vessels to confidently demonstrate compliance to Port and Flag State Authorities. Frequent and documented inspections should be carried out to ensure that drinking water is of appropriate quality (from the supply to the vessel, the water tanks, through the supply channels and to the point of distribution). The water testing kits aid the testing, monitoring and record keeping requirements of onboard drinking water systems. 
  • Each kit will be supplied with sufficient materials to carry out regular tests for a year 
  • We can also support shipping/management companies/vessels in carrying out drinking water risk assessments and in producing water safety plans 
  • Refill packs are also available to re-stock water kits annually IM&M can also supply boiler water testing kits.
IM&M can also supply boiler water testing kits.
For further information, please your details on the following link and we will contact you: Potable Water Test Kits

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