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Marine Potable Water Test Kit

Wednesday, 25th September 2019

Whilst freshwater appears to form a small part of vessels normal, operating parameters, if left unattended it can have a significant bearing on the crew's health and well being. Therefore water on board must be free of all pathogenic organisms and harmful chemicals. To achieve this, you are required to carry out regular documented inspections of the vessel's drinking water supplies. 

IM&M Ltd  has introduced a Marine Water Test Kit to help comply with this legislation. It allows ship staff to monitor and maintain the quality of the water and systems on board the vessels, providing tests for common infectious bacteria that help reduce the risk to health.

Legislation Information

  • Following the introduction of the new MLC 2006 in August 2013, ship owners, managers, and crew need to understand how this legislation affects them
  • Vessel's must be able to develop and implement measures to ensure ongoing compliance with its requirements
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) requirements - Frequent documented inspections are carried out
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) state - Source water is monitored to ensure the water is safe. Also water distribution network is monitored for water quality (Residuals and Ph quality of treated water)
  • International Shipping Chamber (ICS) advice - Prepare a declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance for vessels (evidence the vessel meets MLC requirements)
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO) - Check water quality at different outlets
IM&M are able to support the marine industry in implementing a water safety plan type approach which formalises those things required by WHO, ILO, IHR and now MLC 2006

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