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New Pumpout for Portishead Marina - LeeSan does the lot!

Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Portishead Marina, on the Southern bank of the river Seven, just to the North of Bristol offers boat owners a relaxed atmosphere with a quayside of restaurants and craft ale pubs.

However, up until now the only pumpout facilities have been provided by a small, trolley mounted, mobile, LeeSan LSM80W unit.

While this has worked reasonably well for the last 5 years the owners, Boatfolk, recently decided that, due to increased demand, it was time to properly update these services.

Since they were very happy with the old unit and the service provided, the company again contacted LeeSan to specify and install a brand new (much larger) fixed pumpout unit. 

After surveying the site and discussing the current and future requirements for the equipment, LS160WTS was selected. This uses a well proven Rheinstrom M60DV diaphragm suction pump and is token operated by individual boat owners. Inside the cabinet is a built-in transfer tank which automatically discharges to the main sewer, It has been installed just inside the lock on the right-hand side, on a dedicated pumpout pontoon. Berth holders and visitors purchase a token to operate the unit and then follow the simple instructions to empty their tanks as and when required.

Karl Sutcliffe, Technical Director of LeeSan says: “It is very rewarding when an existing customer is so satisfied with our service that they come back to us to update to the next level of equipment. Of course, we will also be supporting the new installation with ongoing service and back-up”

This project was a real LeeSan one from start to finish as not only did the team install and commission the system, but Karl even delivered the unit in his own pick-up!

The new system was fitted on the 06/10/2020

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