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Safe Handling of Hydrogen Sulphide

Monday, 26th July 2021

H2S is one of the most dangerous gases found in the oil and gas industry. Even today there are regular occurrences of injuries and death due to H2S exposure. It is important to have proper knowledge and training on how to detect it, how to protect yourself and what to do in case of high concentration levels.

Where can H2S Occur
H2S occurs during oil production, storage, transportation and the processing of oil and gas, especially in refineries where H2S is separated from natural gas and crude oil. H2S can occur at:
  • Wellheads
  • Pumps
  • Piping systems
  • Eliminators
  • Oil and water tanks
  • Flare stacks – bottom of drilling rigs
  • Shale shaker equipment, sludge filters and mud pits
  • Ballast water treatment systems
90% of hydrogen sulphide occurs in the environment, for example rock masses and hot, sulpher springs. The remaining 10% are the result of bacterial decomposition of organic material in a biogas plant, sewage treatment plant or industrial manufacturing processes. Here, H2S is a by product of the refining of crude oil or gas, among others. It occurs in the chemical industry, in pulp and paper production or in the production of pesticides. 

The potential to leak is very high!

Gas Measurement Equipment IM&M can help you select the appropriate:
  • Gas Detection Tubes
  • Single Gas Detectors
  • Multi Gas Detectors
  • Fixed Gas Monitors
  • Area Gas Monitors
  • Air Purifying Respirator with appropriate filter
  • Supplied air system
  • Self contained breathing apparatus
  • Body Protection
  • Escape Device
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