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Sewage and waste water disposal for floating pods – no problem!

Wednesday, 6th November 2019

With the growth of floating holiday and permanent homes, comes the need for effective and reliable Sewage and Waste Water disposal systems. This is certainly the case at Thornham Marina in Emsworth, where two new floating “Armadillo sleeping pods” have recently been located on a Walcon pontoon.

Warwickshire based LeeSan, the recognised specialists in marine and leisure sanitation, were asked to help and were happy to design and install the perfect solution.

The attractive and interestingly designed luxury pods are heated for Winter use and air conditioned for the Summer. They feature a bedroom, kitchen, dining area and bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin. The waste from the toilet, shower, basin and kitchen sink needed to be disposed of effectively.

However, since the pods are also “motorised”, and therefore moveable, there were a few connection challenges to be coped with.
Luckily, the LeeSan team are well used to handling these types of installations and designed a system which would fit all of the requirements.

A large, bespoke, 900 litre holding tank was installed below the access pontoon. This gives reasonable “redundancy” in case of problems.
A powerful grinder pump which will handle all of the flow was selected. A safety control panel to monitor the waste was also fitted. This uses a probe system and automatically activates the pump out when appropriate.

The under-pontoon tank currently pumps to a large holding tank sited in the marina, but will eventually pump directly to the main sewer system.

When the pods are required to move, stop valve couplings are easily released, sealing the systems. Once re-moored the couplings can easily be re-connected.

Karl Sutcliffe, Technical Sales Director at LeeSan, comments:

“We are seeing a considerable increase in the demand for this type of equipment. Floating homes are a growing market. Our long history (and therefore considerable experience) in all aspects of this type of equipment and environment means that we find it relatively easy to come up with really effective solutions”.

“Our facility to custom-build systems to fit almost every project means that we are confident in our ability to handle anything that designers ask of us.”

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