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“Skinny” Pump Out solves the problem!

Tuesday, 26th October 2021

Tingdene Marinas have a good working relationship with Warwickshire based LeeSan Marine and use them for all of their pump out and waste disposal facilities.

However, when the old (1998) pump out unit, mounted on one of the pontoons at Thames and Kennet Marina, needed replacing there was a challenge.

The new, more efficient peristaltic pump and housing was just too large to fit the space and allow safe “passing” access.

Karl Sutcliffe, Operations Manager for LeeSan explains. “The Marina team came back to us with this problem, but they were pleasantly surprised when I explained that we would simply customise a unit to exactly fit the space and all for the same price”. 

Tingdene are a good customer, we have only recently installed one of our Portaway, portable toilet disposal units on this site. We also maintain and service all of their below-ground pumps via our parent company Pump Technology Ltd., so being able to meet their needs was important to us.

The new slim stainless unit, which incidentally operates with exactly the same tokens as the previous one, is mounted on a sealed spill tray with plenty of room for pedestrian traffic to safely pass.

Waste is pumped via a pipe mounted below the pontoon, up the bridge and into the main sewer using a large, below ground pumping station, also serviced by us.”

The Thames and Kennet Marina is extremely well used which means that the pump-out facility needs to be reliable and always available. The new system will provide boatowners with many more years of service. 

With its IIID coated, mirror finish stainless steel housing, the unit is the perfect “modern” service added to the site.

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