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Synthetic Slings

Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Synthetic slings have long been used within the lifting industry due to the ease of use associated with light weight high strength man made fibres.

As loads have increased, fibre technology has had to keep pace with the demands.

As a UK Dyneema partner, English Braids, has been manufacturing rope slings to match these demands. With Dyneema being 8 x stronger than steel (weight for weight) the use of Dyneema has changed the way in which heavy lifting has been approached addressing many specific issues associated with handling and transport.

Our rope slings are typically constructed from 12 strand Dyneema SK78, allowing for slings to be made in longer lengths. For shorter slings, or when tolerances are increased, the use of HMPE round slings has become a viable alternative. Round slings provide a widely accepted lifting option confirming to EN 1492-2.  

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