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Taylor Hobson alignment products help shipbuilding industry meet their green credentials

Thursday, 5th November 2020

Shipbuilders around the world are currently facing the challenge of reducing their environmental impact.  Accurate alignment of engines, propeller shafting and stern tubes all reduce vibration and wear - which cause fuel inefficiencies - so the Taylor Hobson alignment telescope is an invaluable tool to shipbuilders and marine engineers across the globe.

Shipbuilders and marine engineers have used the Taylor Hobson Micro Alignment Telescope range for applications such as alignment of propulsion machinery since the late 1930s.  These Alignment Telescopes (used for checking and setting straightness and alignment) are typically used to precisely align the position of the ships engine in relation to the propeller shafting and stern tube.  Other tasks include alignment of the engine to the stern tube and alignment of rudder bearings.  Every percentage of fuel efficiency achieved by reducing these misalignments saves around 1500 gallons of fuel – over the lifetime of a ship this can equate to millions of dollars in savings.

In recent years the capabilities of the Telescopes have been enhanced with the use of new camera technology for remote viewing when working in difficult locations and over very long distances and computerised measurements.  Equally, the Micro Alignment Telescope has the advantage of being capable of running entirely without power if circumstances so dictate.

Large diesels used in marine engines are prone to twisting and deformation during periods of extended service.   Before re-machining off main bearings, the alignment telescope is used to quickly and accurately assess the amount of deformation of the engine bores and determine the precise amount of metal removal.  First the engine bores are  measured - any  misalignment can  be viewed by the  operator through the  camera system which  is attached to the  Micro Alignment Telescope eyepiece.  Once all the bore centres are in line and with the telescope in place, the  boring machine tool is moved along the  same line for machining, skimming any  bores to the correct size.

The Alignment Telescope is sold around the world through Taylor Hobson’s worldwide network – the equipment is also available on hire from their technical support agent Spectrum Metrology for individual jobs during refurbishment projects.

To receive literature or a free copy of the application report “Electro Optical Metrology in the Shipbuilding Industry”,  contact Spectrum Metrology (authorised technical support and repair agent to Taylor Hobson for electro-optical metrology) on 0116 2766262, fax 0116 2766868, e-mail  web address

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