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Buzz Wireless

4G Solutions for Commercial marine
Buzz Wireless offers a unique range of 4G super routers, compatible with VPN and capable to deliver much faster connection speeds than satellite at lower costs.

The burgeoning requirements for internet access in commercial shipping has put increased pressure on owners and operators to provide high-speed internet access available to crews and guests on board, but the use of VSAT has proved an expensive and relatively slow solution.

The Hubba X4 Global model offers an affordable alternative to the expensive satellite broadband. The router is most suited for commercial marine activity and can provide up to 100Mbps download speeds, supporting Wi-Fi access to multiple mobile devices.

4G Solutions for Superyachts & Leisure Boats
Our super routers Hubba X provide a faster and lower cost alternative to expensive and slow VSat systems.

The Hubba X models are best suited for luxury superyachts and leisure boating. The super routers are designed to provide upto 100Mbps download speeds, keeping you connected using the available 3G/4G network frequencies with their built-in modems.

  • Upto 100Mbps download speeds
  • Lower data cost than VSat
  • Multi frequency connections to 4G, 3G & 2G networks
  • Dual SIM holder options for cruising across borders
  • Wi-Fi hotspot to connect multiple devices
  • Wired network connections
  • Business grade facilities including VPN compatibility.
Hubba X4 Global
The Hubba X4 Global, the first multiband, multi protocol, dual SIM, LTE data router designed for the maritime sector. Ideal for operators regularly crossing borders, it also interoperates with existing VSat systems to switch seamlessly when out of range of shore based networks. As soon as a new mobile network is detected the Hubba will activate automatically, switching from VSAT to Hubba. It will allow a maximum downlink speed of 300 Mbps and a maximum uplink speed of 50 Mbps.

In addition to offering such a wide list of available bands, the Hubba X4 Global also works in conjunction with existing onboard VSat to prioritise the cheapest available connection, including onshore Wi-Fi networks in port.

Hubba X4 Go
The Hubba X4 Go is our standard external unit with a single SIM holder. The router is as powerful as the Hubba X4 Duo, capable to generate a Wi-Fi hotspot which supports 32 connected devices. The unit is suitable for smaller leisure boats with lower data use requirements and has a RJ45 port for wired network connectivity.

Just like the Hubba X4 Duo, this router comes with our MIMO external antenna, again waterproof rated to IP67 standard and supplied with a mounting bracket.

The Hubba Wave, newly introduced for 2019 from Buzz Wireless, is a data and Wi-Fi router device that provides boat owners with a range of benefits for a simple monthly charge. The Hubba Wave facilitates fast 4G connectivity for coastal cruising up to 15 miles offshore at a fraction of the cost of VSAT. The device is ideal for inland waterway use as well.  The Hubba Wave can be accessed by laptop, tablet or smartphone and is loaded with 40 GB of data per month and unlimited phone minutes.  The Hubba Wave is supplied on a 24-month contract for a one-off cost of £39.95 plus VAT and a monthly charge of £39.95 plus VAT.

The Hubba Wave kit which consists of:
  • Router box
  • Aerial
  • Cable up to 12m
  • A phone handset with unlimited UK minutes call time
And the following bundle:
  • 40GB data allowance per month for Wi-Fi
  • Free access to a range of popular apps including Netflix (i.e. doesn’t come out of 40GB allowance)
  • Roam like at home – use the service when in EU

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