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Lamor Corporation UK Ltd

Lamor is committed to oil spill response (OSR), recovery and clean-up operations worldwide. Moreover, the company provides soil and water treatment services globally. The extensive portfolio of products and services also includes industrial applications. The company has sold oil spill response equipment to 120 countries and more than 1,800 vessel mounted systems have been delivered to customers worldwide.

The source of knowledge is experience, and Lamor has over 35 years developed its expertise in oils spill response and recovery, especially in Arctic and offshore operations.

We provide expertise coupled with solutions that protect the environment and our ecosystems. Our in-depth knowledge and investment in technologically advanced oil spill response equipment has a proven track record.

The world's largest manufacturers of oil pollution control equipment including; Booms, Skimmers, Tanks, Specialist Pumping Systems, Vessels, Worldwide service, Rental, Hire and leasing.


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