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Dive & Marine Contractors Ltd

Dive & Marine Contractors are leading specialists in the commercial diving industry. Our work covers the whole of Ireland and the UK.  

Our dive teams have extensive experience in a broad range of diving operations. Our divers are highly skilled and motivated and  we are ready to deploy at short notice.

We operate an extensive range of diving equipment and underwater tools - from a decompression chamber to lightweight air-freight dive systems - which can be readily made available for the most challenging of projects. This equipment is maintained to the highest standard via a Planned Maintenance System.

We conduct Dive Operations from a number of our customised dive vans or trailers, Scuba replacement sets on our RHIB’s or work boat or from our containerised dive spread on our work barge.

Alternatively, our dive trailers and containerised dive spread can be easily mobilised to site on any suitable vessel, vehicle or by truck.

All diving equipment in use during the course of any project is properly maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and in compliance with our maintenance system to comply with all statutory construction and diving at work regulations.

All diving equipment supplied will be accompanied by a current maintenance record.

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